Mini Leo Puzzle Dog Toy Green

Mini Leo Puzzle Dog Toy Green

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The Mini-Leo is a perfectly scaled down version of the Leo toy. Designed to meet the intellectual needs of our toy breed canine companions. Mini Leos also connect together to form customizable treat-release puzzles, so your dog will never get bored again. Mini Leo can also be used to feed a dogs meal instead of a bowl - put your pup to work and inspire the art of genius-level problem-solving in your own home. Mini Leo can provide hours of challenge and enjoyment for your canine genius! For toy breeds 15lbs and under - except Boston Terriers, Dachshunds and Jack Russell Terriers - they need the big Leo!) Also suitable for cats. Weighs .25lbs, 5"h x 2.25"w. Dishwasher safe and also great for fetch, tug-of-war, and water sports (they float too)! Made in the USA.

Canine Genius dog toys are durable, chewable, configurable puzzles that you can stuff with tasty treats.

Canine Genius toys connect together - so you can create a variety of puzzles that stimulate curiosity and appeal to your dog's natural desire to hunt and problem solve.

Take the toys apart, reconnect them in a different way - even add new components. Canine Genius toys are a chewy new challenge with each and every change! Your dog will never be bored again.