Simply Fido Knitted Plush Organic Dog Toys
Simply Fido Knitted Plush Organic Dog Toys

Simply Fido Knitted Plush Organic Dog Toys

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These perfect playthings are sure to please your pup. Each classic character is made from organic cotton and comes with either one squeaker (Small 6") or four squeakers (Large 10").

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Why Organic?

SimplyFido Story

Organic Pet Toy collection provides healthy alternative for your loving companions and promotes safe and fun play.

SimplyFido Advantage - Why Choose Organic Products?

Their Cotton

Their cotton is safe, non-toxic, made of all-natural materials originating from nature. Organically grown, the fibers are unbleached, untreated, and unprocessed.

Organic dye process

They use only natural extracts from plants and minerals, such as gardenia seed, clove and chestnut bur, to dye our fibers.


The fabric is naturally softer than regular cotton, due to improved soil fertility and harvesting methods.


With SimplyFido™ toys, your pet's toxicity and allergy levels are greatly reduced. Other products use pesticides and herbicides during cotton production, and chemical dyes during coloring, which can lead to allergies and sickness in pets.

Environmentally friendly

The production of organic products does not contribute to environmental pollutants and hazardous waste. Non-organic production process may cause damage to natural ecosystems including contamination in the water due to pesticide residue and chemicals.

SimplyFido Dye Process: Introducing our very own PureWaterWash™!

The Product

They begin with untreated, all natural cotton thread, and weave it into gently flowing fabric.

The cotton is then brightened with nature's own plants and minerals, including gardenia seed, clove, and madder.

The end result is a chic, one-of-a-kind SimplyFido™ toy that has its own unique appearance and color variance.

All Natural Pet Toys for your Loving Companion!